Benefice Diary

Here’s the monthly Diary for the A20 Benefice of six churches – Brabourne, Smeeth, Monks Horton, Stowting, Mersham and Sellindge. The Diary lists all the services and social events in the Benefice

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September Churchwarden’s letter:

Dear All,

We have a very full Benefice Diary for the coming two months and hope you enjoy the many services and events unfolding.  Whether or not you are a worshipper, your support for these is crucial if the church is to prosper its endeavours to promote stronger communities so please join in if you can.

Now, what’s on in September?  Although we are in interregnum, services are much as they have been in the past, though there are a few changes, so may I refer you to the Diary for details.  Please do check before attending a service.  Thank you Di (Dawson) and churchwardens for working so hard to keep things moving along smoothly.

With regard to social events, there is plenty that’s new to engage us in September:  Stowting is launching another Photography Competition following the success of the last one.  Winning photographs will be turned into notelets (for sale for the church) so please get your entries to Heidi Kingston by 30th September (details in the Diary).  On Friday 8th, the second Friday at 2.30pm, Knit and Natter will have its first meeting – and will continue on subsequent second Fridays at the same time.  Please bring your knitting, sewing, crochet, colouring – or whatever you are doing that’s portable – and share a cuppa and a chat.  This has grown out of the Big Knit so in future there may be thoughts about making things for other people but for the time being, just come along and enjoy a relaxed afternoon with others.  

On Saturday 9th there is the annual Friends of Kent Churches Ride and Stride event.  This has been going for so long now – over 30 years – that I’m sure you are familiar with it, but in case you aren’t, it is a sponsored bike ride or walk, or you can travel by horse, from one church to another in Kent.   More details in the Diary.   It’s always a great day out so please pump up your tyres, oil your chain, get out your walking boots, or saddle your horse – and join in.  Generally, no motorized transport is permitted but I do feel that people who once used to participate in Ride and Stride and who can no longer do so because of problems with walking should be allowed, indeed encouraged, to use their mobility scooters if churches are within their range.  I’m sure you would be walking or cycling if you could – so we look forward to you participating on your scooters! 

Participants in Ride and Stride will have a great day on 9th as Smeeth has its annual Hobbies Exhibition and Gift Day, and Stowting has its Arts Festival so plenty of people to welcome R&S participants, and plenty of refreshments too.  At Brabourne there will also be a warm welcome for Riders and Striders, and more refreshments to keep you going on your journey.  Even if you are not into Riding and Striding please do visit Smeeth Church just to look at the extremely interesting hobbies that people have.  There will even be a model railway in the church this year.  And from past experience Stowting’s festival is an excellent day with plenty of goodies to buy, a children’s quiz and a musical interlude at 1pm.  Don’t miss any of these events – please!

On Sunday 10th there will be Afternoon Tea from 2pm at Sellindge Church – in aid of the church.  Sellindge always give us excellent teas and in such a lovely church the afternoon can only be enjoyable.  It’s in such a good cause – so please do come – and bring friends.   On Tuesday 12th is the September Coffee Morning in aid of Smeeth Church, this time courtesy of Paul and Di Dawson at Cirrus, Canterbury Road, Brabourne Lees.  Again, another lovely social occasion is guaranteed.  Please don’t hesitate to come along if you are new to the community as all our events are very friendly.

There’s Another Great Film Night at Mersham on 22nd.  This time it is to be a classic Musical.  We aren’t allowed to cite the name for all sorts of legal reasons so please just come along with a spirit of adventure and enjoy the show.  Pop-corn, ice creams and teas and coffees create a wonderful vintage cinema atmosphere.  This is an evening for ‘nostalgists’ and definitely not to be missed!  (Perhaps bring a cushion).  The month’s social calendar is brought to a close on 29th with Fridays@3 when there will be another talk followed by tea, and finally, please let me remind you again that 30th September is the closing date for Stowting’s Photographic Competition. 

Our churches have a real role to play as centres of the community – but they can only do so with your help and support.  We hope to see you at services and/or events in the Benefice – and please bring your friends and relations.  The more the merrier.

Warmest wishes,

Kathy Embleton-Smith

(Vice Chair Brabourne PCC)